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Bigfoot Sock Co.: How Should You Pick a Pair of Men’s Novelty Socks?

Socks have been considered of little value when it comes to anyone’s outfit since most people tend to see socks as nothing more but clothing for their feet. However, socks are essential apparel for men. Why? It lets men express their personality without overwhelming their outfit; one can exemplify a neat and orderly but also jazz up their outfit with a pair of novelty socks. There are two important features of socks, comfort and style.


Men’s socks can be categorized by their purpose, style, and design. Crew socks are ankle high with a thick cotton layer that gives the wearer optimum comfort. Crew socks are mostly worn for outdoor activities; thus, they have ribbed linings that prevent them from slipping off. Others, such as dress socks, don’t have ribbed linings but rather a silkier finish since they are worn mostly for formal occasions. There are also novelty or fun socks. These socks are easy to identify with the myriad of designs they come in, from argyle to windowpane to stripe.

Men’s socks come in a host of colors, designs, thicknesses, and sizes so it can be difficult to find a pair that will suit your outfit. Luckily, Bigfoot Sock Co. offers a host of socks that will meet your needs.

The Sock Business of Bigfoot

Being alone in the woods made Bigfoot acknowledge that every person is different. Bigfoot found his forte with socks! Bigfoot contributes a percentage of his earnings at Bigfoot Sock Co. to the conservation of forests in national parks. We are confident that through socks every person on this planet will find their own personality and express themselves.

Expressing yourself on different occasions without ruining an outfit is difficult; thus, Bigfoot offers socks in different colors, designs, and sizes. Speaking of sizes, Bigfoot has socks to fit most shoe sizes.

What Can Bigfoot Offer?

Novelty socks of range in pattern, color, and material—there is always a choice for any person. Try Bigfoot’s socks. Here are the options for men’s socks that we offer.

  1. Men’s Novelty Socks

If you are up to getting comical with your socks, consider the novelty men’s socks at Bigfoot. They are stylish, incorporating different patterns and designs, such as Bigfoot himself. These socks are great if you are searching for socks that offer optimum comfort and style, made of cotton and polyester. Thick and durable, they are great for everyday use!

  1. Men’s Bamboo Socks

Is it your first time hearing bamboo socks? Bamboo fibers are durable and more absorbent than cotton; therefore, this makes the socks more breathable and comfortable to wear. Bigfoot’s bamboo socks are great if you are going for a hike or for with a suit and tie.

  1. Men’s King-Size Socks

Some men just have bigger feet than others. If you have problems finding the right sock because most socks don’t fit you, king-size socks are all you need. They’re made from cotton, polyester, and spandex, making them durable and comfortable to wear. They are stylish and come in a wide array of designs.

  1. Men’s Active Crew Socks

If you are going for a hike or playing a game of tennis, you may consider getting yourself a pair of Bigfoot’s active crew socks for men. The socks offer a ribbed opening that fits securely on your ankles. Made for everyday use and abuse, active crew socks have arch compression, making them great for outdoor activities.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab a new pair of men’s novelty socks at Bigfoot Sock Co. By helping yourself to a new a pair of men's novelty sock, you help the environment with your purchase. Always know that the jazz in you will never fade, no matter what you wear. Socks can help you make a fashion statement.