How Can a Pair of Socks from Bigfoot Sock Co. Do Any Better?

Socks have been worn since Ancient Greece. Most were made from animal skin and fur, but now, socks are knit. Socks protect your feet from abrasion caused by friction between your feet and shoes. By processing cotton, wool, and other synthetic material, better and more comfortable socks are now available.


Innovations continue to occur with socks. Some socks are made for athletic purposes. These socks are commonly made from cotton since cotton can easily absorb the perspiration from the feet. There are also novelty or fun socks made from wool, cotton, or a blend of synthetic fibers. Fun socks, as the name suggests, are covered with different patterns or caricatures. There are also socks that are made for medical purposes, athletics, and even socks made from bamboo fibers. So no matter what kind of socks you need or what design you want, socks are always there to add in a little flair to your outfit.

Bigfoot Has Found a Pair!

Bigfoot has been considered a hoax, but now, Bigfoot has come out of his cabin in the forest to share his business. Socks! Yes, the mysterious creature found his niche with socks. The business that he established is mainly about selling socks for the greater good of the forest that he lives in. He provides the forests in National Parks a new future by giving them a percentage of his earnings. This ensures that his homeland is maintained and can be loved by the people buying his socks.

Bigfoot offers a myriad of socks for you to choose from, though most picture himself, they are comfortable to wear and stylish. Most of the socks offered by Bigfoot are made from cotton, spandex, and polyester, which makes his socks durable, breathable, and cozy.  

What Can You Expect from Bigfoot?

Did you know that Bigfoot, ironically, has an average sized foot? Bigfoot designed all of his socks to fit men’s and women’s shoe sizes 5-12. Here are the varieties of socks that you can expect from Bigfoot:

  1. Novelty Socks

Novelty socks, also called fun socks, are offered by Bigfoot. These socks feature different patterns that are both fun and comical for viewers and the wearer. Most novelty socks incorporate retro designs and Bigfoot caricatures that are spread throughout the socks. This is why most of the socks of Bigfoot are stylish. They boast a colorful design and cozy feel.

  1. Active Crew Socks

Active crew socks are about mid-calf high. These socks are great for outdoor and everyday use. They stand up to athletic activities, including camping, hiking, and exploring the mountainous terrain of the woods. Most active crew socks are covered with argyle, windowpane, or striped patterns.

  1. Bamboo Dress Socks

Bamboo fiber is much more absorbent than cotton. It means that bamboo dress socks provide exceptional comfort and breathability for the wearer. Bigfoot’s bamboo dress socks are great when you are going to hike or camp in the forests of the National Parks. Since bamboo fibers absorb more sweat and have better breathability, your feet do not sweat as much as when wearing cotton-based socks.

  1. King-Size or XL Socks

A pair of king-size Bigfoot socks are for people who are in need of bigger sizes. Being big doesn’t mean that it lacks the capabilities of other socks. They have all the same features as our average-sized socks.

  1. Sock Packs

Bigfoot offers a great deal your feet cannot resist—packs of socks. Packs include different patterns and designs that everyone will notice.

Why Choose Bigfoot Socks?

Bigfoot is a nature lover; he loves the woods so much that he contributes a percentage of his earnings for its betterment. By getting a pair of socks from Bigfoot, you not only have something to wear on your feet but also help conserve the forests. Bigfoot believes you must never forget where you came from. Looking back at his former home, he vowed never to forget its pristine beauty. You’ll always remember it, too.

Bigfoot Sock Co. provides quality socks for everyday living. Wear them outdoors or casual or formal outfits. A pair of socks can tie your outfit together. Don’t settle for your dull, worn-out, ratty socks. Bigfoot Sock Co. gives you stylish and comfortable options in various sizes.