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The Legend of Bigfoot

For years and years, the entire world has consumed itself with a fascination of Bigfoot’s existence. We have seen grainy photos, heard unimaginable stories, and read about countless encounters. Yet not once has the world seen hard evidence that Bigfoot does indeed exist—until now.

Bigfoot is coming out from the shadows of isolation, and he’s doing it in a big way. Believe it or not, well actually, let’s not go down that road—but Bigfoot has started his own sock line! Yes, that’s right, the mythical monster is a sock lover!
For his entire life, Bigfoot simply wanted to live in peace in his cottage in the woods. He was a tad insecure, and the fact that he was a bit of an enigma never made him feel great about himself. However, like a painter finding a canvas, or a carpenter finding some wood, Bigfoot has finally found his niche.

Socks are Bigfoot’s bridge into normalcy. His confidence is sky high and he feels the more vibrant his socks, the more vibrant his life. From pineapples to stripes, to ninjas, to animals, to even images of himself, the designs sprawled across his socks are sure to turn heads and light up cameras. He wants every person on this planet to see him and see his passion draped over their feet! And fear not, Bigfoot (ironically) has average size feet. All of his socks are designed to fit men’s and women’s shoe sizes 5-12. After being alone for so long, Bigfoot is all about inclusivity.

So yes, the legend of Bigfoot is real. And Bigfoot is coming out to the world in a BIG way. Wear a pair of his socks and you will learn to live loudly and proudly just like him. Bigfoot has finally found himself by finding socks, and he wants the whole world to know about it.